Education Programs

Individual Courses:

Intro to QA/QC in Mass Timber Manufacturing

This course is designed as an introduction for individuals or professionals wishing to learn more about quality assurance and control (QA/QC) in the wood products sector, and how it specifically applies to mass timber.

Intro to Mass Timber Products & Building Systems

This course is designed for individuals or professionals wishing to learn about mass timber products

Digital Design and Fabrication of Timber Structures

This course will cover topics such as The role of digital and machine technologies in new design, CNC technology in timber fabrication, robotics, BIM and digital workflow, design for fabrication, design for pre-construction and construction, parametric design and we will wrap up with a look at future trends.

Wood Science 101 for Designers & Makers

A basic understanding of wood science and technology is valuable as a foundation for manufacturing, construction, and design thinking with wood. Wood Science 101 for Designers is an online lecture series that covers anatomy, mechanical properties, other pertinent subjects.

Intro to Mass Timber Manufacturing

Intro to CAD

This course is intended as an overview of Computer Aided Design and why it is important. Several different software solutions will be covered.

Certificate Programs:

Certificate in Mass Timber Manufacturing & Construction

Certificate program in mass timber manufacturing to equip workplace & professional learners with skills to succeed


Timber CAD Workshops

This workshop series introduces participants to CADwork, an application commonly used in designing timber structures, particularly for translating modeled timbers to the CNC environment.

Mass Timber Design Build Workshop

A hands-on, small-group workshop dedicated to exploring the opportunities and challenges of designing and building with mass timber, with a focus on the relationship between design, fabrication capabilities and constructability.


Mass Timber Meetups

Mass Timber Meetups is an online discussion-based seminar series that serves as a venue for a rotating cast of experts and enthusiasts on all things mass timber.

Design Studio:

Mass Timber Meetups

In partnership with the University of Oregon College of Design, professors have offered a number of unique design research studio courses to undergraduate and graduate students, that focus on diverse types of mass timber structure. In more than one case, these studios have resulted in real-world projects.