TallWood Design Institute is working with industry and academic partners to develop a certificate program aimed at building a holistic introduction to mass timber manufacturing, design, and construction. The program is aimed at workplace and professional learners looking to deepen their knowledge and skills in today’s evolving mass timber sector. Current course offerings are highlighted in the program outline, and TDI continues to develop more courses for the program.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the technical characteristics of different mass timber products and the ways they are best used
  • Use timber-specific 3D computer-aided design software to produce design documents, shop drawings, renderings, material take-offs, and installation drawings, etc.
  • Move design information efficiently between CAD software applications, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, and CNC machines
  • Become familiar with different kinds of CNC and other machines used in mass timber manufacturing
  • Use CNC (computer numerical control) timber processing machines to fabricate beams, columns, and panels and optimize material yield
  • Perform quality assurance tests on mass timber products for conformance with product certification standards
  • Understand how mass timber construction processes differ from traditional construction projects and know the key elements for efficiency, safety, and success

Key Aspects of Program Design

  • The program is modular, meaning participants can either enroll in the full program, or register individually for the courses that are of most interest.
  • A certificate of completion is available for individual courses and the entire program.
  • Courses in the program are delivered primarily asynchronously through Oregon State University’s online learning platform (Canvas) to maximize access to those limited by distance or work. Online courses include components such as weekly discussions, and in the case of the capstone, a three-day design/fabricate/ build workshop at the A.A. “Red” Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Lab.
  • Courses vary in length, ranging from 20-40 hours of content, interaction, and study, and are graded primarily a pass/no-pass based on attendance, participation, and a final self-directed project.
  • To learn more about cost and to apply, please email Dianna.Fisher@oregonstate.edu

Current Program

Intro to Mass Timber
Products and Building


A broadly encompassing
introduction to mass timber.

Intro to Mass Timber
Manufacturing and


A comprehensive overview of mass timber construction.

Intro to Mass Timber


An introduction to basic
manufacturing and QA/QC
concepts and how they apply to mass timber manufacturing.

Digital Design and
Fabrication of Timber


An introduction to design for
manufacturing and assembly in the timber construction realm, with a focus on the role of CAD/CAM.

Timber CAD Workshops

Online and in-person

Delivered in partnership with Timber CAD providers.

Wood Science 101 for

Live Online (synchronous)
with asychronous option

A 10-week, fully-synchronous
seminar course covering wood
science basics as relevant to
designers and makers.

Mass Timber Design Build
Workshop Capstone


A hands-on, three-day intensive workshop looking at mass timber design and construction considerations through the lens of fabrication.


Accommodation requests related to a disability and other general questions should be made to TDI@oregonstate.edu

Phone: (541) 737-3282