Manufacturing and Supply Chain

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The Global Mass Timber Panel (MTP) Industry in a Post-Pandemic New Normal


This research is a continuation of a long-term effort of systematically monitoring developments in the global CLT industry launched by the PI in 2011 and since 2017 partially funded by an ARS/TDI grant.

Project Lead: Lech Muszynski, OSU College of Forestry)

Oregon Mass Timber Supply Chain Analysis


The main goal of this supply chain research is to identify key barriers within Oregon’s mass timber supply chain and present strategic opportunities for state funding that increase high-wage job opportunities in rural economies. The findings target areas for Oregon to improve market competitiveness in the domestic mass timber industry. Outcomes from previous research have been incorporated, including the 2017 Oregon BEST study.

Project Lead: Iain Macdonald, TDI

MPF supply chain

Determining the Economic Feasibility of Mass Timber Building Construction in the U.S.


Research centers on assessing the cost competitiveness of mass timber buildings in the U.S. construction market compared to traditional building materials, particularly concrete and steel. The major purpose of this study is to break down the detailed construction cost of mass timber buildings and compare individual costs with other construction options.

Project Lead: Ingrid Arocho

Global Overview of the CLT Industry


The global Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) industry has changed dramatically within the past decade, with expansion outside of it’s start in Alpine, Europe. The societal focus on more sustainable options within the built environment has led to an increased use of mass timber construction and its products including cross-laminated timber.

Research Team:
Chris Knowles (PI)
Lech Muszynski (Co-PI)
Raquel Albee (M.S)
Jose Guerrero Marinez (PhD)
Pipet Larastie (PhD)