This course is designed as an introduction for individuals or professionals wishing to learn more about quality assurance and control (QA/QC) in the wood products sector, and how it specifically applies to mass timber.


QA/QC are essentially the methodology and methods by which standards are met, and can be seen as means to an endWhile that end is fixed (i.e. a standard), the means (QA/QC) is more variable and fluid, set to a large degree by individual organizations and their respective philosophies. This course is intended to set the stage for the learner to have a framework for understanding both the nitty gritty details of QA/QC (how does it happen at the ground level?), as well as for thinking about QA/QC at an organization level. The course will provide suggestions for follow up material as well as other courses we would recommend for those interested in deepening their skills specific to QA/QC. 


This course requires about 20 hours of active reading/viewing, quiz-taking, discussion forum posting and assignment preparation. There are some additional supplemental readings recommended for those who wish to spend more time on any of the topics.

What You Will Learn

  • Differentiate QA from QC and describe them in terms of their core functions and execution in the wood products industry;
  • Describe what a standard is, demonstrate how to read a standard, , and define the role it plays in QA/QC;
  • Describe different models of QA/QC;
  • Explain the role of a 3rd party certifier and how they interact with manufacturers;
  • Describe the core stages of mass timber manufacturing and tie them to QC procedures;
  • Explain what process control is, and how a QC technician deals with irregularities;
  • Define what standards are common to mass timber products;
  • Explain how mass timber products differentiate from traditional wood products in terms of QA/QC/
  • Apply basic statistics concepts and explain the role that statistics play in QA/QC.


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