Moisture and Durability

Expanding Mass Timber & CLT Markets


The primary goal of this project is to enhance the durability of mass timber assemblies in high-moisture, high-termite risk regions. Only a few U.S. jurisdictions allow mass timber use by code adoption.

Project Leads: Gerald Presley, OSU College of Forestry, Scott Noble, Kaiser+Path

Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Mass Timber Post-Tensioned Shear Walls


Earthquake engineers are focusing on performance-based design solutions that minimize damage, downtime, and dollars spent on repairs by designing buildings that have no residual drift or “leaning” after an event. The development of timber post-tensioned (PT), self-centering rocking shear walls addresses this high-performance demand.

Research Team:
Dr. Mariapaola Riggio – OSU, Department of Wood Science and Engineering
Dr. André R. Barbosa – OSU, School of Civil and Construction Engineering
Dr. Lech Muszynski – OSU, Department of Wood Science and Engineering
Innovative lateral systems
durability testing

Impact of Moisture on the Cyclic Performance


The development of engineered wood-based products such as Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is creating new opportunities for the development of versatile and resilient structural designs. 

Research Team: Andre Barbosa, Arijit Sinha

Development of Isocyanate and Formaldehyde Free Adhesives for CLT


This project aims to develop a commercially viable wood adhesive for CLT that is free of formaldehyde and isocyanates and possesses good cure speed properties.

Project Lead: Kaichang Li

moisture testing

Water and Mass Timber


This project will undertake a comprehensive analysis of the effects of water exposure, in various forms, on mass timber building elements. Water intrusion is mostly commonly seen during construction, but can also occur during failure of roofs or external facades or as a result of internal plumbing failures.

Durability and Protection of CLT in Parking Structures


A technical team from OSU’s Department of Wood Science and Engineering and School of Civil and Construction Engineering are narrowing down combinations of materials for testing. Proposed solutions include an asphalt topping on the CLT decking, similar to those often used on timber bridge decks.

glenwood parking garage rendering