Research on Engineering, Architecture & Construction of Timber Structures

Leading the Way in Mass Timber

An opportunity exists for pioneering companies leading the charge on mass timber adoption within the United States to combine forces to jointly direct and fund applied R&D to answer questions of common interest.

In response to this opportunity, TallWood Design Institute has partnered with such pioneering companies in the AEC and manufacturing communities to establish the REACTS Consortium (Research on Engineering, Architecture & Construction of Timber Structures). 


Member Bios


After much success bringing mass timber buildings to life, Swinerton decided to invest in starting TimberLab, a Swinerton company.  TimberLab provides engineering, detailing, procurement, and fabrication services to produce complete timber material packages ready for install.  

KPFF Consulting Engineers

KPFF is a collaborative and creative team of engineers who thrive on designing innovative solutions for projects of all scales. Founded in 1960 and now with over 20 office locations, KPFF’s focus is to serve clients by providing cost-efficient and valuable contributions to the built environment. The firm’s experience encompasses everything from new high-rise buildings to complex historic renovations. KPFF is a leader in building with mass timber and has utilized the material on a range of projects, helping to pave the way for broader adoption and bringing specialized knowledge of this material to project teams.


ZGF Engineers –

DCI Engineers –


DR Johnson Wood Innovations –

Founded in 1967, DR Johnson Wood Innovations is a second-generation, family-owned engineered wood products manufacturer located in Riddle, Oregon. For over 53 years, DR Johnson has been producing quality custom glued-laminated beams. In 2015, DR Johnson added cross-laminated timber to their product line and was the first manufacturer in the United States to meet the requirements of the Standard for Performance-Rated Cross-Laminated Timber. DR Johnson is committed to manufacturing sustainable engineered wood products such as cross-laminated timber and glue-laminated beams using locally sourced materials. DR Johnson is able to detail, manufacture, fabricate, and ship our product to meet any of your project requirements. We look forward to working with you on your next mass timber project.

Holmes Structures –

Holmes is an international design firm with employees around the Pacific Rim. We believe projects become great by what you put into them. With inspired practicality, we reconcile the complex, competing interests, and constraints, providing not just engineering but optimal solutions. In this way, we create more meaningful, integrated designs as a collaborative process in the vital pursuits of building great things. Holmes US offers structural engineering, fire & life safety/code consulting, and product testing to our clients.

Path Architecture + Kaiser Group Inc. –

Kaiser + Path is the combination of Kaiser Group and Path Architecture, based in Portland, Oregon. Kaiser Group focuses on building development, construction, and property management. Path Architecture is our architectural side. While two separate entities, roles, and responsibilities cross freely between the two, allowing all Kaiser + Path members to be involved in all aspects of a project – from inception to building operations, and give us a crystal-clear view of all project dynamics from financial, constructability and asset management. We are pioneers in the mass timber movement, beginning in earnest with the Radiator Building in North Portland in 2013, followed by Carbon 12 and most recently the Canyons. Intermixed along the way have been several mass timber consulting projects.

Lever Architecture –

MiTek Inc –

MiTek Inc. and its subsidiaries are a globally operating company organized in five divisions that serve the residential business segment (APAC, EMEA, Residential North America, Automation Solutions [including TBS Engineering], and Services) and four divisions that serve the commercial business segment (Commercial Builder Products, Mechanical Solutions, Mezzanine Systems, and Structural Framing).

MTC Solutions –

MTC Solutions is North America’s leading supplier of connection solutions for modern mass timber applications including commercial, industrial, and residential projects. MTC Solutions’ range of products includes structural self-tapping screws, beam hanger systems, rigging equipment, and connectors. All products offered by MTC Solutions are tested and proven and backed by sound engineering-based technical support for contractors, designers, and manufacturers.


Odeh Engineers –

Rothoblaas USA –

Rothoblaas, a global company from the Italian Alps, is a leading creator of high technology solutions for heavy and mass timber, energy-efficient, net-zero, and other better building practice sectors. The Rothoblaas range of products covers fasteners and connectors, building envelope and acoustic solutions, worker safety, and tools. By utilizing Rothoblaas standardized components, design professionals create economies of scale and cost-effective processes resulting in fewer labor costs, reduced energy usage plus safe and efficiently built buildings. With innovation at its core, Rothoblaas and its partners push the boundaries on all stages of the design and construction process. 

SRG Partnership –

SRG was founded nearly 50 years ago on a simple idea: partnership as both our name and an attitude that shapes everything we do. Partnerships define how we engage our clients, how we work with each other, and how we build our teams. Our NW roots contribute to this outlook through a deep appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us and a pioneering spirit that drives us forward. This attitude is expressed in our work – a design that is inventive, deeply sustainable, and based on the best ideas to achieve our clients’ highest aspirations. Our offices in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon both feature a light-filled, design-studio environment that supports inclusive communication, integration of disciplines, and shared learning.  With 75 employees, we are both nimble and able to tackle projects of any scale. We embrace a wide range of different perspectives in our culture and our work, which leads to new and innovative ways of thinking, and ultimately, to better design. Our experience has shown that by working together we can invent a better future.

StructureCraft –

StructureCraft is a structural engineering and construction firm specializing in timber and hybrid-timber structures; they have been engineering and building efficient, signature structures for architects, owners, and general contractors in North America and Asia for over 20 years. They accomplish this by bringing the old-world tradition of master craftsmanship to the new world of high-tech engineered timber construction. Seen as industry leaders in the “mass timber revolution”, they answer the pressing need for increased quality and construction efficiency, while at the same time reducing site erection time and risk.  StructureCraft specialties include mass timber buildings, long-span structures, and complex geometry projects.


Thornton Tomasetti –

Thornton Tomasetti optimizes the design and performance of structures, materials, and systems for projects of every size and level of complexity. Collaborating from offices worldwide, we apply scientific and engineering principles to solve the world’s challenges. Because we’re committed to being a sustainable and enduring organization and the global driver of innovation in our industry, we’re working to make mass timber a mainstream option for structural and façade systems. By drawing on the diverse expertise of our integrated practices and investing in research, we’re advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of designing with mass timber while achieving architectural excellence.

Walsh Construction –

TDI gratefully acknowledges startup funding support from the USDA Forest Service for our REACTS Consortium initiative.

For more information about the consortium, please contact our Director, Iain Macdonald at and our Outreach and Education Manager, Evan Schmidt at