This course is designed for individuals or professionals wishing to learn about mass timber products and how they are increasingly being used in multi-family and non-residential buildings.

This course is a general introduction to the topic, and is the first course in the Certificate in Mass Timber Manufacturing and Construction certificate program offered by the TallWood Design Institute.

This course requires about 20-25 hours of active reading/viewing, quiz-taking, discussion forum posting, and assignment preparation. Supplemental readings are provided for those who wish to spend more time on any of the topics.

What You Will Learn

    • Define the term “mass timber”
    • List and describe some of the benefits and challenges of using mass timber¬†
    • Describe the main mass timber products in use today and their benefits and limitations
    • Explain how the most common mass timber products are made
    • Explain how mass timber is currently handled under North American and other building codes, and how this is changing
    • Identify and describe some mass timber buildings in the US and around the world, and discuss some unique features of each one


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