Fire Performance


Fire Testing for Efficient Timber Buildings - NHERI


The data collected from these experiments were used to demonstrate the fire performance of cross-laminated timber (CLT) buildings and to change the International Building Code (IBC) prescriptive fire protection design provisions for mass timber buildings.

Fire Protection and Safety


The goal of this project is to develop a methodology for commonly-used computational tools that will evaluate the sequence of installation of passive fire protection under construction fire scenarios; develop a framework that can evaluate the risk and impact of fire protection; to identify knowledge gaps in fire dynamics that would increase the accuracy of predicting fire spread in mass timber buildings under construction.

Project Lead: Yelda Turkan, OSU College of Engineering

fire testing
fire testing

Fire Performance of Timber Beam-to-Column Connections


The goals of this research are to gain a better understanding of the mechanics of timber moment-frame connections during two different fire scenarios: fire and post-earthquake fire. This research will develop the testing methodologies and benchmark data required to develop designs for the fire and post-earthquake performance of timber moment-resisting frame connections. (2019-2022)

Research Team:
Erica Fischer, Arijit Sinha

Fire Performance of CLT and NLT Timber-Concrete
Composite Floors


In order to develop a comprehensive analysis of such composite systems, the fire-tested assemblies matched those being tested by Dr. Andre Barbosa (Project: Seismic Performance of Cross-Laminated Timber and Cross-Laminated Timber-Concrete Composite Floor Diaphragms, 2017-2020) and Dr. Chris Higgins (Project: Composite Concrete-CLT Floor Systems for Tall Building Design, 2017-2020).

Research Team:
Erica Fischer – Oregon State University (OSU), School of Civil and Construction Engineering
André Barbosa – OSU School of Civil and Construction Engineering
Arijit Sinha – OSU Department of Wood Science and Engineering

fire testing

Mitigating Fire Performance Concern Through Fire Endurance Modeling


The Mitigating Fire Concerns project is in collaboration with the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, which has a chamber to test elevated temperatures up to 330 degrees Celsius. In the lab, the project will take the connection systems from the Composite CLT-Concrete Floor Systems for Tall Building Design project and test them over elevated temperatures to evaluate strength properties as well as how the stiffness and strength degrade at different levels of elevated temperatures.
Project Lead: Arijit Sinha

Fire Penetration Testing


In the U.S. there is limited information published on the performance of through-penetration fire seals in cross-laminated timber floors. TDI has partnered with ARUP and the Framework project, a 12-story mass timber building project in Portland, to investigate and test through-penetrations to the ASTM E814 standard.

Technical Advisors: David Barber, Lech Muszynski

fire testing

Fire Performance of CLT Wall and Floor Assemblies Fabricated in the Pacific Northwest Region


This project will document the flammability of Douglas-fir and spruce-pine-fir CLT panel assemblies produced in the United States. Tests are being conducted on wall and floor panel assemblies with standard overlapping connections and produced with two different types of commonly-used adhesives.

Research Team:

Lech Muszynski, Department of Wood Science & Engineering (PI),
Rakesh Gupta, Department of Wood Science & Engineering (co-PI),

Milo Clauson, Department of Wood Science & Engineering (FRA)