Advancing Mass Timber Technologies (OR, WA)

Award Description:

Advancing mass timber technologies (OR, WA) is focused on creating a thriving ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest that will drive and coordinate research and education innovations in mass timber architecture, engineering, and construction, along with manufacturing and forest management, to address social and environmental challenges in housing, workforce development, and natural resource stewardship. It will promote environmental resilience and US global competitiveness through the increased use of sustainable mass timber products and their applications in buildings, including affordable housing. The creation of this ecosystem will be co-produced with the communities intended to benefit from it, prioritizing the engagement of marginalized and historically disadvantaged communities to achieve sustainable, equitable, inclusive economic growth.

Anticipated Outcomes:

The NSF Engines Development Award will enable our team’s strategic planning process to identify the needs and opportunities related to use-inspired research in timber, to determine how best to translate innovations from materials to applications and commercialization, and to create the necessary workforce development and investment opportunities to launch a successful Type-2 Engine. Outputs will consist of: (1) a Regional Engine Blueprint, (2) an Investment Prospectus, (3) a Grand Challenges Report, and (4) a strategic plan for a Type-2 proposal. 

Funding has been provided by the NSF Engines – Program: Advancing mass timber technologies (OR, WA) #2302937