Converging Design


Project Team

Principal Investigators

Andre Barbosa, Oregon State University

Professor, School of Civil and Construction Engineering — Research Interests: Performance-based earthquake engineering, nonlinear structural analysis, structural reliability, and risk analysis, structural dynamics, multi-hazard loss estimation, assessment of the robustness and resilient design of building and bridge structures (reinforced concrete, steel, and timber), high-throughput computing, virtual reality modeling of engineering structures.

John van de Lindt

John van de Lindt, Colorado State University

Endowed Chair Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering — Research Interests: Dr. van de Lindt’s research program has sought to improve the built environment and the social and economic institutions that infrastructure supports perform to the level expected, and sought after, by the public.  This has been primarily through projects focusing on hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and floods. Van de Lindt led both the NEESWood and NEES-Soft project teams between 2005-2013 which consisted of two-story, four-story, and six-story shake table tests on the worlds largest shake tables, has conducted numerous field studies following hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and tsunamis around the world, and now serves as Vice Chair of ASCE’s Executive Committee for the Infrastructure Resilience Division.

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown, Penn State University

Assistant Professor, School of Architectural Engineering — Research Interests: Building structural designs with a focus on conceptual design, sustainable design, structural and multi-objective optimization, computational design tools, and applications of data science to building design.

Barbara headshot

Barbara Simpson, Stanford University

Assistant Professor, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering — Research Interests: Dr. Simpson uses advanced computational and experimental methods to characterize structural response. Her aim is to develop innovative structural systems that improve building performance and reduce the effects of natural hazards on the built environment. Research areas include resilient design and retrofit of building structures, performance-based earthquake engineering, and next-generation computational modeling, optimization, and simulation.

Arijit Sinha, Oregon State University

Professor, Department of Wood Science and Engineering — Research Interests: Building Connections Building Lifecycle Analysis Green Building Materials Renewable Materials Product Development Structural Engineering Wood-based Composites My research interest and focus lies in achieving sustainability in society, especially in the built environment by using intelligent and integrated design process, and developing renewable material based green products. My specific interests are – Green building materials; Sustainable built environment; Product development for efficient use of renewable materials; Life cycle analysis.


Gustavo Araujo

Gustavo Araujo

PhD Student, Civil Engineering


Jace Furley

Jace Furley

PhD Student, Civil Engineering


Tu Ho

Tu Ho

Post Doc-Scholar, Wood Science & Engineering


Steven Kontra

Steven Kontra

MSc Student, Civil Engineering and Wood Science & Engineering


Tanner Field

Tanner Field



Patricio Uarac

Patricio Uarac

PhD Student, Civil Engineering and Wood Science & Engineering


Prashanna Mishra

Prashanna Mishra

PhD Student, Civil Engineering


Fernando Orozco

Fernando Orozco

PhD Student, Civil Engineering and Wood Science & Engineering



Seyed Hossein Zargar

PhD Student, Architectural Engineering


Project Collaborators

Reid headshot

Reid Zimmerman

Technical Director


Eric McDonnel headshot

Eric McDonnell



Shiling Pei

nsf tallwood project pi

Colorado School of Mines

Emily Dawson

Emily Dawson

Kaiser + Path

Mark Fretz

Mark Fretz

University of Oregon

Project Advisory Committee

William Silva

Director of preconstruction


Jonathan Heppner

Director of projects

Lever Architecture

Alessandro Beghini

Skidmore, Owings, & Merril LLP

Amit Kumar

Supervising engineer

City of Portland

Douglas Rammer

Forest Products Laboratory

Siamak Sattar

Research Structural Engineer

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Patrick Farrell

Technical director

Freres Lumber Company, Inc

Scott Breneman

Senior technical director


Steve Pryor

Director of innovation

Simpson Strong-Tie

Glenn Bell

Charles Pankow Foundation

Thomas Tannert

University of British Columbia, Canada

Masahiro Kurata

Kyoto University, Japan

Alessandro Palermo

University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Massimo Fragiacomo

University of L’Aquila, Italy

Philip Line

Director of Structural Engineering

American Wood Council

Jim Harris

JR Harris and Company

Daniel Cheney

Senior engineering Manager

Boise Cascade Company