Micro acoustic floor/ceiling test chamber


Project Lead: Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

Abstract: The micro acoustics chamber will be an educational resource, a demonstration tool, and a conceptual testbed for design teams and students alike, to develop new and innovative mass timber acoustic assemblies, understand acoustic implications of material choices in composite form and comparatively analyze the performance of acoustic detailing decisions at a small scale. The project will also leverage previous Tallwood Design Institute funding by incorporating use of acoustic field-testing equipment and use the A.A. Red Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory for fabrication.

Impact of species, coatings, and RH on microbial community structures within mass timber products


Project Lead: Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, UO College of Design

Abstract: This research will investigate the impacts of mass timber coatings and humidity on the composition of mass timber surface microflora by performing metagenomic analysis on mass timber surfaces subjected to two different humidity regimes.  This will allow the study of microbes that would otherwise not be identified, providing better understanding of the composition of whole microbial communities which can be used to infer functional traits. In addition, this work will investigate the antimicrobial potential of a common commercially available sealant and alternative bio-based coatings being adapted for mass timber panels.  Mock microbial communities placed on the wood surfaces will be used to study the impacts of mass timber coatings on the survivability and transmissibility of viruses and bacteria of interest.

Acoustic Field Testing of Mass Timber Buildings

2019 - 2020
Project Lead: Kevin Van Den Wymelemburg
Abstract: In this project, we aim to identify a small set of newly constructed buildings with mass timber floors and/or walls, and test their acoustical performance following ASTM field testing protocols, while also collecting subject feedback from building occupants. We will add frequency resolved acoustical testing data to a public repository that will include both new field tests and previously collected laboratory testing data for comparisons to be made where applicable.

Net-Zero Energy TallWood Design

2017 - 2019

Project Lead: Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

Abstract: This project aims to solve one of the biggest barriers to increased market adoption of mass-timber buildings - energy consumption. The project team will explore how to replace the concrete typically needed for night flush cooling of thermal mass. The goal is to provide results that will help mass-timber buildings achieve net-zero energy priorities for a larger range of use types and climate zones while also providing new insight into human perception of thermal comfort in mass-timber buildings.

Acoustic Lab Testing of Typical Multi-Family Residential CLT and MPP Dry and Concrete-Composite Wall and Floor Assemblies

2018 - 2020
Project Team: Kevin Van Den Wymelenburg (PI), Mark Fretz, Dale Northcutt
Abstract: In order to address the need for more acoustic data on mass timber assemblies, TDI awarded funding, including part of an EDA grant, to the ESBL in 2018 to conduct acoustic field testing on existing mass timber buildings and ASTM-certified laboratory testing of both dry and wet (concrete-composite) assemblies using CLT and MPP.