TDI provides educational opportunities for architects, engineers, construction industry personnel, mass-timber manufacturers and students with a focus on integrated and forward-looking curriculum that reflects the state-of-the-art in the timber building sector.

Certificate Program in Mass Timber Manufacturing and Construction

A Modular training program in mass timber manufacturing intended to help workplace and professional learners acquire the skills needed to understand and be successful in today’s mass timber manufacturing sector.

Mass Timber Meetups

Mass Timber Meetups is an online discussion-based seminar series that serves as a venue for a rotating cast of experts and enthusiasts on all things mass timber. Our goal is to create an interactive space of free flowing discussion where individuals can learn from each other, and is not intended to be a lecture series. Meetups are open to anyone and everybody, check out our meetup group below!

Mass Timber Design-Fabricate-Build Workshop

Hosted annually, the Mass Timber Design-Fabricate-Build Workshop is a small-group, three-day intensive workshop focusing on exploring the relationship between mass design, digital modeling, CNC fabrication and construction through a mass timber building project spanning design through construction.

Wood Science 101 for Designers

A basic understanding of wood science and technology is valuable as a foundation for manufacturing, construction, and design thinking with wood. Wood Science 101 for Designers is an online lecture series led by TDI and OSU Wood Science faculty, and covers anatomy, mechanical properties, moisture properties, manufacturing and other pertinent subjects.

UO Formal Design Education

In partnership with the University of Oregon College of Design, professors have offered a number of unique design research studio courses to undergraduate and graduate students, that focus on diverse types of mass timber structure. In more than one case, these studios have resulted in real-world projects.