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2022 Timber education Prize

January 2022

UO Department of Architecture Wins Timber Education Prize

Mass Timber Design Focus in Master of Science in Architecture Degree Program

The Department of Architecture at the University of Oregon (UO) initiated a new focus in Mass Timber Design within our existing Master of Science degree program in fall 2021. This focus is designed to fulfill the requirements for a one-year 45 credit (minimum) post-professional degree program for students who have an accredited degree in architecture and want to focus a year of study on topics in advanced timber design. This program takes advantage of the resources of the TallWood Design Institute (TDI), a collaboration between UO’s College of Design and Oregon State University’s (OSU) Colleges of Forestry and Engineering that promotes environmental stewardship and economic development through research, testing, outreach, and education focused on the advancement of sustainably sourced engineered timber products (; the program includes courses and faculty advisors at both UO and OSU. This focus within the MS degree is the first step in what is intended to become a joint UO-OSU Master’s degree program in Mass Timber Design with participation by the three Colleges that collaborate in TDI, for students with undergraduate degrees in the disciplines of architecture, wood science, civil and construction engineering.

May 2021

"Consortium Delving into Mass Timber at OSU"

REACTS (Research on Engineering, Architecture & Construction of Timber Structures) Consortium is delving into mass timber at Oregon State University. 

Founding members

Oregon State mass timber buildings sequester over

2,000 tons of CO2

The American Institute or Architects’ Seattle Chapter presented the virtual event “Towards a Biogenic City” in December 2020. Three speakers: Alan Organschi, Principal, Gray Organschi Architects; Iain Macdonald, Director, TallWood Design Institute; and Ben Kaiser, Principal of Path Architecture/Kaiser Development Group, provided perspectives from the design, development, and research communities on the promise of mass timber to address climate change, rapid urbanization and population growth by fostering regenerative biogenic cities.

FFA on the agricultural complex at

Chemeketa Community College

In 2018, FFA was hired to design a new, highly sustainable agricultural complex for Chemeketa Community College. For the project, using materials from the region was key to the college’s goals and design intent. 


Talk: Mass Timber:

Towards a Biogenic City with Iain Macdonald (TDI), Alan Organschi, and Ben Kaiser

Last year, the College of Forestry at Oregon State University welcomed Peavy Hall and the Advanced Wood Products Laboratory (AWP), two new mass timber buildings that serve as living laboratories for sustainable architecture