Researchers affiliated with the TallWood Design Institute tested a resilient, full-scale mass timber building constructed with cross-laminated timber (CLT) at the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure outdoor shake table facility at UC San Diego in July 2017, collaborating with researchers of the NHERI TallWood Project. 

During the Oregon Mass Timber Summit, industry leaders from around the globe discussed best practices and innovative ideas to advance the mass timber industry in Oregon. Mass Timber presents a new opportunity for Oregon to foster innovation to grow and develop the advanced wood products manufacturing industry, and to reinvigorate the natural resources based economies that once made our rural communities strong.

In February this year I moderated an informative panel discussion during the Holzbau Pacific Northwest conference in Vancouver, BC. Held just a month before the Mass Timber Conference in Portland, Oregon, the smaller Holzbau event was focused squarely on manufacturing-related topics, of interest to those companies currently producing mass timber, as well as industry watchers and potential future manufacturers. 

Next week will see over 700 people congregate in Portland for what promises to be the largest conference on mass timber in North America. TallWood Design Institute will be participating as a sponsor of this important event, and we invite delegates to come by Booth 308 and learn more about how we are contributing to the growth of the industry. Another way to hear about our projects and activities is through one of the many presentations by our own faculty associates, recent students, or companies and organizations with whom we've worked.

CORVALLIS, Ore. — The National Center for Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing and Design at Oregon State University has been renamed as the TallWood Design Insititute.

The institute brings together the OSU College of Forestry; OSU College of Engineering; and the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts. It's the nation's only research collaborative that focuses exclusively on the advancement of structural wood products, and will serve as a national research, education, teaching and outreach hub in the development of tall wood buildings.