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Sourced from INHABITAT

"Last year, the College of Forestry at Oregon State University welcomed Peavy Hall and the Advanced Wood Products Laboratory (AWP), two new mass timber buildings that serve as living laboratories for sustainable architecture..."

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Sourced from Daily Journal of Commerce: Architecture and Engineering

"In 2018, FFA was hired to design a new, highly sustainable agricultural complex for Chemeketa Community College. For the project, using materials from the region was key to the college’s goals and design intent. During the visioning process, we determined the best way to achieve this aspiration was to use locally sourced mass timber...."

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TallWood Design Institute (TDI) has announced new research projects under its annual call for proposals funded by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). The program focuses on applying interdisciplinary scientific and design expertise to address current opportunities and challenges in contemporary wood construction, and the project selection process is overseen by a rotating panel of industry and research stakeholders. In 2020 a total of $750,000 was awarded to new projects, including:


Major Projects