A CLT panel being installed for acoustic testing

TDI carries out prototyping and performance testing of mass timber products for manufacturers, as well as testing of building assemblies for architects, engineers and developers. 

This work is intended to lower barriers to the use of structural wood products, and to generate design information within the public domain that can be used to inform future building projects as well as building code development. 

Project and Partner Highlights:

  • Supported the development of the first U.S. APA/ANSI-certified structural cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufacturer, D.R. Johnson Wood Innovations

  • Supported the development of the world's first Mass Plywood Panels (MPP), Freres Lumber Company

  • Partnered with the City of Springfield on durability testing for a mass-timber parking structure

  • Structural and fire testing for the 12-story Framework building (uncompleted), that was incorporated into the new George W. Peavy Hall building at Oregon State University

  • Providing technical testing to support other pioneering building projects, and working with industry partners to translate research in design guidelines

  • Through University of oregon's leadership in building performance, providing guidance on acoustics, energy, durability and air quality