Some recent articles and video involving people or projects of the TallWood Design Institute are available at the links below.

"Glued Together - Partners in Mass Timber Buildings" - OSU College of Engineering Podcast Series, January 2018

"Why Use CLT for a Parking Garage?" - SRG Partnership, January 25th 2018

"Mass Plywood Panels" - Freres Lumber Company Inc., January 2018

"Education For A Prepared Manufacturing Workforce" - presentation at Forterra 2017 CLT/Mass Timber Conference, Tacoma, WA, November 2017

"La construccion en madera no necesariamente tiene que verse rustica" - MasDeco, November 2017

"Building Bigger, Taller and Smarter with Wood" - presentation at Edifica, Santiago, Chile, October 4th 2017

"SmartLam Hosting Timber Conference in Columbia Falls" - Flathead Beacon, June 20th 2017

"More Manufacturers Needed to Jumpstart Mass Timber Industry" - Oregon Business, March 28th 2017

"TallWood Design Institute established at Oregon State University" - Woodworking Network, March 14th 2017

"Urban jungle: Wooden high-rises change city skylines as builders ditch concrete" - The Guardian, 12th December 2015