Project Leads:

Chris Knowles, Assistant Professor, Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University

Lech Muszynski, Assistant Professor, Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University


Cross-laminated timber construction has revolutionized massive timber construction in Europe throughout the past 20 years, but adoption in other parts of the world has been slow. Beyond Europe, CLT plants operate in Canada, New Zealand, Japan and most recently, the U.S. Slow pace of adaptation in the U.S. is likely due to uncertainty about whether business models and strategies developed organically in Europe will prove viable in the U.S. business environment. This research project will explore the emerging CLT industry in other countries and learn the key success factors, challenges and business models and level of government support in order to better implement the use of CLT in the U.S. The outcomes will include a database, annual reports on the CLT industry and specific guidelines for facilitating sustainable growth in the modern U.S. forest products industry. Researchers believe that the Pacific Northwest is well positioned to become one of the global hubs of CLT production and related massive timber technologies. Development of a robust CLT market has the potential to reinvigorate rural communities through creation of manufacturing facilities and added value to lower grades of lumber. This proposed project will establish Oregon State and the TallWood Design Institute as global leaders in integration and processing of the information related to the development of the CLT industry across the world.


Project duration: 7/1/17 – 6/30/19


To build on the experience of the first survey and use the momentum to establish a robust team for preparation, administration and analysis of annual surveys of the global CLT industry with the intent to capture the dynamic changes of its vital metrics and timely gathering reliable information on short- term trends and issues. Of interest are 1) changes in production capacity and dominant technologies in global CLT production; 2) key success factors and constraints determining the emergence and growth of the contemporary CLT industry, 3) differences in perception of opportunities, risks, challenges and constraints and the related business models, strategies, contextual policies, in existing CLT manufacturers operating within and outside the Alpine CLT industry cluster (see Porter 1998), 4) and the role of innovation systems in these strategies (see Rogers 2003)


Albee R.R., L. Muszyński, E.N. Hansen, C.D. Knowles, P. Larasatie, J.E. Guerrero (2018): Recent developments in global cross-laminated timber (CLT) market. World Conference on Timber Engineering, Proceedings of the WCTE 2018, Seoul, Korea, August 20-24: 6 pp.