Project Lead: Iain Macdonald, TDI

Timeframe: 2020

Project Summary: The main goal of this supply chain research is to identify key barriers within Oregon’s mass timber supply chain and present strategic opportunities for state funding that increase high wage job opportunities in rural economies. The findings target areas for Oregon to improve market competitiveness in the domestic mass timber industry. Outcomes from previous research have been incorporated, including the 2017 Oregon BEST study, which focused on accelerating CLT manufacturing in Oregon and SW Washington.

Over three months, a rapid assessment was conducted of key stakeholders from the industry, including fiber supply, manufacturing and the building industry. To compile insights from industry experts, professionals, and agency representatives; surveys (see Appendix B), questionnaires, and interviews were administered through online, phone, virtual, or in-person formats. A comprehensive literature review was completed of available reports, industry data, and media publications. All sources incorporated are cited within the report. The following objectives were identified as the primary scope of this project:
  • Verify current manufacturing capabilities within the state, including lumber supply; drying capacity; panel and beam manufacture; panel and beam CNC processing; finishing capacity; tertiary supplies and services such as adhesives, finishes and connectors; construction and installation.
  • Assess interest among current supply chain stakeholders in expanding or diversifying activities with regard to mass timber construction.
  • Identify positive and negative factors that currently or may potentially inhibit or encourage investment in new supply chain infrastructure in Oregon.
  • Recommend actions that the State of Oregon and other public and private sector entities can take to support and encourage expansion of Oregon’s mass timber supply chain

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