This project aims to achieve two primary tasks: (1) to fill in the gaps in terms of mechanical performance of MPP, and then to create a performance, design, and application guidline for industry, and (2) to characterize the hygrothermal performance of MPP and correlate climatice conditions to bond performance, mechanical performance, and manufacturing standards.
Project Duration:
24 months
Agricultural Research Services (ARS)
Research Team:
Fred Kamke, Arijit Sinha
Project Overview:
Develop manufacturing guidelines for MPP in relation to moisture content and temperature of materials in relation to adhesive bond performance. This project will conduct multi-scale accelerated weathering experiments including exposure of adhesive bonds and full-scale MPP assemblies. This project will also develop guidlines for performance, design, and application for MPP in non-residential building construction. This will be done with the coordination of existing mechanical data with new data such as In-plane shear properties, tensile properties, and torsional behavior.