The results of this proposal will provide guidance on efficient design and analysis strategies for wood building construction including rocking/post-tensioned and pivoting spines, a next-generation seismic force resisting system, for improved performance, safety, sustainability, and economy.
Project Duration:
Agricultural Research Service (ARS)
Research Team:
Arijit Sinha, Andre Barbosa, Barbara Simpson
The use of wood in tall buildings is limitied by strength and stiffness considerations. The use of CLT and MPP shear walls, supplemented by energy dissipators may be able to aleviate this problem. Several knowledge gaps exist in terms of the performance of mass timber lateral force resisting systems (LFRS), interconnectivity and compatibility between the modules and LFRS-to-gravity system, and potential hybridization of structural materials for the gravity system and LFRS. The recent 2017 two-story shake table test is the only full scale dynamic on rocking CLT LFRS with energy dissipators. Importantly, since MPP panels are also a recent addition in the mass timber industry, no experimental data exist regarding the self-centering performance of post-tensioned MPP wall panels.