Technical Advisors: David Barber, Lech Muszynski
In the U.S., there is limited published information about the performance of through-penetration fire seals in cross-laminated timber floors, where the CLT is unprotected and exposed to the fire side. TDI has partnered with ARUP and the Framework project, a 12-story mass timber building project in Portland, to investigate and test through-penetrations to the ASTM E814 standard. Penetration seals were designed for five different types of penetrations–three-inch OD PVC pipe, four-inch OD stainless steel pipe, four-inch OD cast iron pipe, two-inch OD aquatherm (PP-R), and a one-and-three-fourths-inch threaded steel rod. The penetration seals were installed in five-ply CLT samples produced in the Pacific Northwest. Initial fire tests were conducted at the Western Fire Center in Kelso, Washington in September 2017 using 3M penetration seals and Hilti penetration seals. The results were promising. The remaining testing will be conducted by Hilti in partnership with TDI during the second quarter of 2018.