Project Leads: Gerald Presley, OSU College of Forestry, Scott Noble, Kaiser+Path

Project Summary: The primary goal of this project is to enhance the durability of mass timber assemblies in high-moisture, high-termite risk regions. Only a few U.S. jurisdictions allow mass timber use by code adoption. Hawaii requires that all structural wood be treated to resist insects. Current topical or pressure treatments are allowed, but it is unclear how these treatments will perform in mass timber elements. Assembled cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels are too large to fit in pressure vessels. We will test the performance of individually treated wood members (lamella), assembled into CLT panels for compliance to structural requirements as well as resistance to termite attack in field trials. The resulting data will identify the most effective treatment options to protect CLT and other mass timber assemblies for use in Hawaii and similar regions with high termite exposure. The research implications will contribute to educating architects, engineers, builders and developers on modern timber construction in new regions.