Eric Hansen, Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University

This project explores lessons learned from the original cross-laminated timber market in Europe and explores interest and use around CLT in North America so far. CLT was developed more than 20 years ago in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy. The North American market is still young and tends to ignore the European knowledge of the product.

Research was conducted through personal interviews with professionals in the architecture and construction industries. The study found that while much knowledge exists in the original market, this is ignored in North America. Despite the challenges – including lack of education and antiquated, stiff planning process – the potential for CLT in North America is large and growing. Standards and buildings code acceptance are important for market development.


Project duration: 7/1/17 – 6/30/18


  • Characterize market characteristics and business models of the Alpine Europe CLT market

  • Compare the Alpine Europe CLT market to the emerging North American market.

  • Overcome language barriers from the original market, so that the “lessons learned” can become

    common knowledge for English speaking professionals, experts and manufacturers of CLT

  • Educate manufacturers, architects, general contractors, builders and developers within the North

    American CLT market