In this project, we aim to identify a small set of newly constructed buildings with mass timber floors and/or walls, and test their acoustical performance following ASTM field testing protocols, while also collecting subject feedback from building occupants. We will add frequency resolved acoustical testing data to a public repository that will include both new field tests and previously collected laboratory testing data for comparisons to be made where applicable.
ASTM E1007
Project Duration:
Agricultural Research Services (ARS)
Research Team:
Kevin Van Den Wymelenburg
Laboratory tests of mass timber assemblies are rare, and ASTM approved field tests are even more rare. While performance testing in laboratory environments is esssential, so too are field verifications of mass timber assemblies. Controlled laboratory tests cannot replicate the myriad issues that might be encountered in field settings, especially in regard to flanking sound transmission pathways, the impact of structural connectors, and other specific circumstances unique to field installations such as conduit and diaphram penetrations.