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Fire Performance of Mass Timber:

Fire Performance of Timber Beam-to-Column Connections 2019-2021
Mass Timber Fire Engineering and Research Guideline 2019-2021
Fire Performance of CLT and NLT Timber-Concrete Composite Floors 2018-2020
Mitigating Fire Performance Concern through Fire Endurance Modeling 2018-2019
Fire Penetration Testing 2017-2018
Fire Resistance of Unprotected CLT Floors & Walls Manufactured in the U.S. 2016-2019

Seismic and Structural Performance

 Performance of a CLT Modular Building Utilizing Low Value Pine from Logs Harvested in Pacific NW Forest Restoration Programs 2019-2021
Mass Plywood Panel Concrete-Composite Floor Systems  2019-2021
Mass Plywood Panels: Performance, Design and Application  2019-2021
Design, Construction and Maintenance of Mass Timber Post-Tensioned Shear Walls 2019-2021
Performance of Innovative Mass Timber Lateral Force Resisting Systems 2019-2022
Seismic Retrofit of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings with Mass Timber 2018-2019
Living Lab at Peavy Hall: Structural Health Performance of Mass Timber Buildings 2017-2020
Design of the Timber Pile Ground Improvement for Liquefaction Mitigations 2017-2019
Seismic Performance of Cross-Laminated Timber and Cross-Laminated Timber-Concrete Composite Floor Diaphragms 2017-2020
Composite Concrete-CLT Floor Systems for Tall Building Design 2017-2020
Structural Health Monitoring and Post-Occupancy Performance of Mass Timber Buildings 2016-2019
Mass Plywood Panel Product Development Testing 2016-2019
Behavior of CLT Diaphragm Panel-to-Panel Connections with Self-tapping Screws 2016-2019
Cross-Laminated Timber Fasteners Solutions for Tall Wood Buildings 2016-2019
Framework Project - Splice Testing 2016-2018

Durability, Serviceability and Adhesives

Design, Construction and Maintenance of Mass TImber Post-Tensioned Shear Walls 2019-2021
Water in Mass Timber 2018-2022
Impact of Moisture on Post-tensioned Rocking Walls 2018-2020
Durability and Protection of CLT in Parking Structures 2018-2020
Development of Isocyanate-Free and Formaldehyde-Free Adhesives for CLT 2018-2020

Building Performance and Human Health

 UO contact for Wymelenberg projects, Mark Fretz: 

Acoustic Field Testing of Mass Timber Buildings 2019-2020
Net-Zero Energy TallWood Design 2017-2019
Tall Wood Buildings and Indoor Air Quality 2017-2019
Acoustic Lab Testing of Multi-Family Residential CLT and MPP Dry and Concrete-Composite Wall and Floor Assemblies 2018-2020
Acoustic Field Testing of Mass Timber Lateral Force Resisting Systems 2019-2020 

Environmental Impact

Carbon Impacts of CLT 2018-2019
Environmental Assessment of MPP 2018-2019
Life Cycle Analysis of Old- and New Peavy Hall 2017-2019

Business and Economics

The Pulse of the Global CLT Industry: Launching an Annual Survey as a Continuing Learning Tool  2017-2019
Establishing New Markets for CLT - Lessons Learned 2017-2018
Cost Comparisons of Mass Timber versus Conventional Construction  2019-2021
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