George W. Peavy Hall Forest Science Center

Part of the Oregon Forest Science Complex (OFSC) at Oregon State University, the George W. Peavy Forest Science Center (PFSC) highlights an entirely new way of thinking about building and design. It is a perfect example of how sustainably managed forests can be used to create beautiful buildings out of wood and establish a connection with outdoor landscapes.

The building features 20 classrooms, computer rooms and laboratories, including the FERN Student Center and the Peavy Arboretum, where faculty, students, and researchers can participate in active learning and discovery while utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Classroom and lab spaces range from small capacity to large capacity, and will allow students to study all aspects of the forest landscape.

The OFSC also includes a number of informal learning spaces, including the Roseburg Forest Products Atrium and the third-floor area located outside of The Wollenberg Foundation Dean’s Suite, providing opportunities for students, faculty and staff to collaborate, study and teach in a relaxed setting.

The majority of wood and wood products in the George W. Peavy Forest Science Center was grown and processed right here in Oregon and through the Pacific Northwest. By utilizing products like cross-laminated timber and mass plywood panels, the project highlights how mass timber and structural wood products building solutions can increase the value of Oregon’s natural resources and enhance our communities.

Project Status: 
Year Completed: 

Building Info

Location: Corvallis OR
Project Construction Type: 
Type IV-HT
Building Use: 
Building Stories: 
Building Area sq ft: 
Structural/Lateral Force Resisting System: 
Mass Timber Rocking Wall System
Other Structural/Lateral Force Resisting System: 
concrete composite floor system
Connections, Connectors and Fasteners Used: 
Self tapping screws for shear continuity between timber floor and concrete, spline joints between floor panels. Beams/columns connected via knife plates and bearing plates. Unique connections between floors and CLT shear walls in order to allow for deflection during rocking motion.

Timber Products

Timber Products Used: 
Glulam, CLT, MPP


Glulam Manufacturer: 
Species used for Glulam: 
Douglas fir (DF)


CLT Manufacturer: 
Species used for CLT: 
Douglas fir (DF)


MPP Manufacturer: 
Species used for MPP: 
Douglas fir (DF)
George W. Peavy Forest Science Center, photo by Josh Partee

Project Team

Oregon State University - College of Forestry
General Contractor: 
Timber Installer: 
CLT Manufacturer: 
Glulam Manufacturer: 
MPP Manufacturer: