TallWood Design Institute (TDI) has announced new research projects under its annual call for proposals funded by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). The program focuses on applying interdisciplinary scientific and design expertise to address current opportunities and challenges in contemporary wood construction, and the project selection process is overseen by a rotating panel of industry and research stakeholders. In 2020 a total of $750,000 was awarded to new projects, including:


Major Projects

Fire testing for efficient tall timber buildings - scoping study for adaptive reuse of the NHERI tall wood building (Erica Fischer, OSU College of Engineering)

Carbon narratives for design planning (Mark Fretz, UO College of Design)

Impact of species, coatings, and relative humidity on microbial community structures within mass timber products (Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, UO College of Design)


Intermediate Projects:

End-of-life Disassembly and Re-use of Mass Timber (Lech Muszynski, OSU College of Forestry)


Discovery Projects

Expanding Mass Timber & CLT Markets for High Termite Risk Applications (Gerald Presley, OSU College of Forestry, Scott Noble, Kaiser + Path)

The Global Mass Timber Panel (MTP) Industry in a Post-Pandemic New Normal (Lech Muszynski, OSU College of Forestry)

Oregon Mass Timber Supply Chain Analysis (Iain Macdonald, TDI)

Fire protection construction sequencing in mass timber buildings for fire safety (Yelda Turkan, OSU College of Engineering)

Micro acoustic floor/ceiling test chamber (Kevin van Den Wymelenberg, UO College of Design)

Mass Timber, Small Format: Creative Applications of Fabrication off-cuts (Linda Zimmer and Cory Olsen, UO College of Design)