Without question, Oregon has become a first-mover in the US in the field of mass timber construction. DR Johnson of Riddle, Oregon, became the first certified manufacturer of structural cross-laminated timber in the nation in 2015 and Freres Lumber Company in Lyons has followed suit to bring a turnkey $30M facility into operation by December 2017 to produce a new product, the mass plywood panel. Mass timber buildings are rising around the state, including , Carbon 12, and Framework in Portland, Oregon State University's new Peavy Hall in Corvallis and the City of Springfield's Glenwood parking structure. As buildings rise and manufacturing facilities come online the pool of developers, architects, engineers and contractors with the experience and knowledge to build mass timber structures grows, but today the pool remains small. It is our belief that the best way to reach critical mass and build a globally-competitive mass timber sector in Oregon is by providing opportunities for those professionals working with or interested in mass timber to meet and share knowledge and ideas in an informal setting that encourages partnerships and collaboration. For this reason we have launched “Critical Mass (Timber)”, an informal monthly gathering of professionals interested in building bigger, taller and smarter with wood. Centering around the use of relatively new-to-the-US materials such as cross-laminated timber, our group aims to bring together architects, engineers, construction professionals, developers, code officials, municipal planners and anyone with an interest in seeing more buildings go up using renewable materials. THIS IS NOT A LECTURE SERIES! Our goal is to create an interactive discussion space in which individuals can learn from each other through sharing of personal experiences and projects they have undertaken.

The meetup normally revolves around two or three venues within the city of Portland to keep things fresh and allow members to experience different settings. We open up the meet up at 5pm with drinks and light snacks provided. After informal networking between 5 and 6pm we kick off the evening's discussions with some initial remarks/informal presentations from members or guest presenters. At 7:30pm we normally wrap up the group discussion and leave the last half hour for one-on-one conversations. This is an informal environment and participants are free to arrive and leave whenever it suits.

If you would like to know more about the meetup or join the member list to receive meeting announcements please visit https://www.meetup.com/Critical-Mass-Timber-Meetup/