This meetup focused on the topics of investment and development in the mass timber sector, spurred by recent initiatives to further understand and support the local supply chain, and in the new context of concerns surrounding how we work and interact during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our speakers included:

Iain Macdonald - Director, TallWood Design Institute
Business Oregon and TDI have joined forces to conduct an Oregon mass timber supply chain analysis this year, which will be introduced by Iain Macdonald following Jill's discussion.

Jill Miles - Senior Business Recruitment Officer, Business Oregon
Jill handles corporate recruitment/ inward investment for Business Oregon and will be talking about the current climate of mass timber in Oregon and the west coast. Jill will also discuss what sort of considerations are typically important to companies considering locating mass timber facilities here in Oregon, or investing in existing or expanding facilities.

Stephanie Gripne - CEO, Impact Finance Center (IFC)
Impact Finance Center is working with the U.S. Forest Service to stimulate impact investment in the mass timber/sustainable forestry sector, and is looking at Oregon and the west coast as a starting point. IFC has a program that has been put to use successfully in other sectors that identifies, educates and connects companies and projects in need of funding with impact investors and innovative funding models. IFC also offers courses for projects, nonprofits, small businesses, startups, and funds seeking investment capital. Stephanie will discuss the program, timeline, and upcoming opportunities.

Noel Johnson - Cairn Pacific // Old i, LLC // Conrad Mass Timber
Noel is an experienced mass timber developer who will discuss how such projects might fair as we navigate an economic upheaval worse than anyone alive has experienced. Noel will discuss what typical factors come into play for investors and lenders when considering mass timber, the barriers and opportunities this creates and what policy opportunities might be considered given our "new normal.".