TallWood Researchers at the 2017 San Diego Shake-table Tests

TDI has access to an unrivaled breadth of expertise within its three affiliated colleges. The College of Forestry at Oregon State— encompassing the departments of Wood Science, Forest Ecosystems and Society and Forest Engineering, Resources and Management—is ranked second in the world. The University of Oregon’s College of Design has been a U.S. leader in sustainable architecture for almost 50 years, and The Oregon State College of Engineering is home to the unique construction engineering management program and one of the top robotics programs in the U.S. About 30 research professors and their students and technical staff are engaged in research directly supported by TDI and many more projects relevant to our mission are being carried out by affiliated researchers utilizing other funding. A.A. "Red" Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory TDI researchers and collaborators have access to world class facilities at Oregon State University and the University of Oregon, including TDI’s home base, the A.A. "Red" Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory. The facility is a world-class timber engineering lab dedicated to furthering research, innovation and collaboration across disciplines and professions in the timber design, engineering, fabrication and construction sector. The building is designed to help facilitate advancement of the timber sector through applied research, product development, testing, and as a venue for professional education.