Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 6:00pm to Friday, December 10, 2021 - 1:00pm

TDI's 2021 
Alpine Europe Mass Timber Tour


Holzbau International Wood Construction Forum



 Note: This tour provides 18 LU/HSW AIA CEUs 


Join TallWood Design Institute (TDI) for a small-group, three-day technical tour through the northern Italian and Austrian alps to visit leading innovators in the timber manufacturing and construction sector. Our group will visit companies involved in timber connection and component manufacturing (Rothoblaas), wood product manufacturing/fabrication and design/install (X-Lam Dolomite, Binderholz and Holzbau Unterrainer), building assembly design and prefabrication (Rubner Holzbau), and architecture and engineering (LignoAlp and Ergodomus Engineering). 

The tour will culminate in Innsbruck, Austria, at the 26th International Holzbau Forum, the world's largest conference on timber design and construction. The conference runs three days, and presentations are provided in both English and German with live simultaneous translation.

TDI is an accredited AIA Continuing Education Provider. AIA members are eligible to receive 18 LU/HSU continuing education units.

Program Highlights

  • Cost is 1,495.00 and is all inclusive for the week, including land travel, lodging, breakfasts/lunches, tours, and the Holzbau registration. Dinners are included at the Tramin Winery (Monday evening), and during the conference (Wednesday and Thursday evenings). Participants are free to experience localities at one’s own leisure during the other evenings. Arrangement and cost of international airfare is the responsibility of individual participants.
  • 18 LU/HSW AIA CEUs 
  • Holzbau is the world’s leading conference on timber design and construction, and offers live translation of all presentations, as well as many presentations in English.

VISITS (including but not limited to)


The Aqualux Spa and Hotel

"Hotel Aqualux is a 4-star, luxury hotel located at Garda Lake in Bardolino Italy. At 180,000 sqft with 113 rooms, 2 restaurants, 8 pools and a spa, Hotel Aqualux is one of the largest hotels built out of timber, specifically CLT. It was designed to Italy’s ClimaHotel Certification standard which awards points in 3 categories; Nature, Life and Transparency to create a low energy, healthy structures that celebrate high-efficiency design using renewable materials. Originally designed out of concrete, Timberline (Styxworks) was brought in early to offer an alternative solution in wood, the ideal choice being CLT. Due to the high level of prefabrication and coordination, not only was a CLT system cost-competitive, but the structure was erected in 2 months versus the 24 months estimated for concrete. Additionally, this area has very high seismic forces which required detailed collaboration between the engineers and the timber designer to come up with an innovative connection design." -


X-lam Dolomiti

XLAM Dolomiti represents Italy's first manufacturer of cross laminated timber, and the facility we will visit represents the largest production facility in the country. In addition to manufacturing wooden structural components, X-lam Dolomiti offers a variety of other state of the art products, and provides engineering and design services for designers working in timber. We will be visiting their headquarters for a company tour, and to see a variety of assembly mock-ups, fasteners, and project displays.


Ergodomus Timber Engineering

Ergodomus Engineering provides timber design and production support for designers, developers, buildings and manufacturers, with services ranging from engineering of structures, evaluations of building physics, and CAD/CAM drawing production. We will meet with Ergodomus to learn more about their company model and projects.



Rothoblaas is a leading developer and provider of high-technology building products for the wood construction sector, well known for their connectors, acoustic solutions, and weather barriers. They specialize in:

- Connections, including proprietary systems such as the X-rad system

- Building physics, including air and water barriers, as well as acoustic isolation solutions.

- Safety, including fall protection systems and machinery for install and woodworking

We will meet at Rothoblaas' headquarters for a company tour and overview of what types of solutions are offered in terms of acoustics and weather barriers. We will be visiting Rubner Holzbaus for a tour of their company and facilities, followed by an industry dinner at Tramin Winery, famous for making some of the best wines in Italy.




We will be visiting with LignoAlp, a leading timber fabrication/installation firm of over 110 employees. Specifically, we will be visiting one of their projects with the project architect, the beautiful Damiana-Holz & KO building. The structure is filled with unique wood construction features, including cladding in wavy CNCed LVL, and walls of white-washed hardwood (European beech) CLT! Just behind this structure are the offices of the designer, as well as some timber assembly production facilities.


Rubner Holzbau

Rubner Holzbau is a leading European manufacturer of glulam and CLT, and provides full-spectrum services to designers of timber structures, from project planning, to engineering, manufacturing and timber installation. They are well known, for example, for their work on the Pyramidenkogel Viewing Tower in Austria. We will visit their glulam manufacturing facility in Brixen, Austria.


Holzbau Unterrainer

Holzbau Unterrainer provides support to designers during all phases of a projects, from planning, to production and installation. They are particularly well known for their production of "Radius Wood", or curved CLT.



Binderholz has a rich 60 year history and is now one of the single largest producers of wood and engineered wood products (CLT, glulam, solidwood panels) and pre-fabricated timber building solutions, providing project support to designers and engineers. Project scope spans from single family homes to multi-family, public, commercial, and industrial projects. We will participate in a company tour/presentation, including a visit to their glulam production facility and their "World of Wood" facility, a large demo space for various projects and products.


 2020 Holzbau International Wood Construction Forum


Your Program Hosts

The tour will be led by TDI’s Iain Macdonald (Director), Jörn Dettmer (Technical Manager), and Evan Schmidt (Outreach Coordinator), who together have multiple years experience leading tours and working with industry in the region.

Who Should Attend?

Architects, engineers, builders and anyone interested in learning more about the intersection of mass timber design, fabrication and construction in Europe. 



Register here. If you are waitlisted, please contact us for more information.

Cost is 1,495.00 and is all inclusive for the week, including land travel, lodging, breakfasts/lunches, tours and conference registration. Arrangement and cost of international airfare is the responsibility of individual participants. 

Registration will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, or to register, please contact Evan Schmidt at:

Additional Information

The group will meet at the Aqualux Hotel, just outside of Verona, Italy, on the evening of December 1st for a debriefing. The trip will conclude Friday the 6th in Munich, Germany with a celebratory dinner. Attendees may choose to leave directly from Innsbruck on December 6th. Arranging flights is the responsibility of participants. 

Note: As a result of the time difference, a departure from North America on Saturday, November 31st will be required to arrive for a Sunday start date. A day will be reclaimed on the return flight.