Tuesday, January 15, 2019 - 8:00am to 3:45pm

 January 15, 2019

♦   Oregon Mass Timber Development Summit  ♦ ♦ 

Identifying Opportunities and Strategies for Developing a Mass Timber Industry in Oregon


January 15th, 2019

8:00 - 3:45

Salem Convention Center

(includes lunch and refreshments)


 (Early registration is extended through Tuesday, 11/13 in recognition of Veterans Day)




How can growing the domestic production and use of mass timber create opportunities for Oregon's rural, small and urban communities?

Hosted by the TallWood Design Institute and Business Oregon, the Oregon Mass Timber Development Summit is uniquely designed for public officials, economic development personnel, investors and manufacturers to learn about and discuss tools, strategies, and potential partners available to them to support mass timber sector development in Oregon counties and municipalities.



Program Outline:


Registration - 8:00 AM 


PANEL 1 - 8:50 AM

Where Are We Now? The State of Oregon's Mass Timber Sector

  • Current manufacturing, design, engineering and construction capacity
  • Manufacturing Perspectives
  • Buildings built, permitted or proposed 
  • Policies enacted and code development 


PANEL 2 - 9:30 AM

Opportunities for Oregon

  • Recap Oregon BEST CLT study from 2017; Environmental Benefits; Portland redevelopment zones
  • School retrofits and new construction 
  • Seismic retrofit opportunities for mass timber 
  • Opportunities to produce mass timber from small-diameter trees and forest thinnings in Eastern Oregon


PANEL 3 - 10:45 AM
Current Initiatives and Strategies Underway Throughout Oregon

  • Clackamas County metals and inward investment promotion initiatives 
  • City of Springfield initiatives
  • The Wood Innovations Grant and other Grant Opportunities 


PANEL 4 - 11:30
Key Supply Chain Needs for a Successful Mass Timber Sector – Part One

  • Making the jump to mass timber: lessons from existing manufacturers 
  • Panel and beam manufacturing: capital equipment needs, retooling sawmills, etc.
  • Getting the right fibre to the right sawmill and Kiln drying capacity 

Lunch and Networking - 12:30 

PANEL 5 - 1:30 
Key Supply Chain Needs for a Successful Mass Timber Sector – Part One
  • Digital fabrication expertise 
  • Producing connectors and fasteners 
  • A market perspective


PANEL 6 - 2:15 PM
Innovation and Investment 

  • Investors’ key interests and screening criteria
  • Business Oregon – Business development activities related to Mass Timber
  • Tallwood Design Institute – TDI initiatives to serve as a resource to advance Oregon and Mass Timber

Final Q&A - 3:00 PM


Summary and Closing Remarks - 3.30 PM


Close - 3:45 PM


The Oregon Mass Timber Development Summit is a strategic initiative project funded by the TallWood Design Institute, Business Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest Manufacturing Partnership, with technical assistance provided by the OSU College of Forestry and OSU Advantage Accelerator, Clackamas COunty, and the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.


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