This research project involves the examination of the converges of advances in engineered mass timber products and digital design tools across the globe, and will culminate in the design and fabrication of a timber structure using state of the art digital techniques.
Project Duration:
Agricultural Research Services (ARS)
Reserach Team:
Mark Donofrio
A renewed engagement by designers with the convergence of ecological and technological forces that shape our environments have brought about a dramatic shift in the culture of building, the emergence of the Mass Timber Building Culture. Advances in the development of cross-laminated timber panels, mass plywood panels, and other engineered wood products has resulted in renewed interest in non-residential uses of wood. Also there has been a push towards the use of mass timber in mid and high-rise residential buildings. Architects and engineers are beginning to reconsider this very old material in new and exciting ways.
Project Overview:
This project will utilize the A.A. Emerson Laboratory for the production and fabrication of the demonstrator structure. The structure will directly communicate the capabilities of the Lab throught the physical presence of the demonstrator structure on display in Richardson Hall Hatfield Courtyard. One of the intended long-term outcomes of this research project is the development of workshops focused on education of architects, engineers, builders, developers, and users in the tools and techniques of engagement in the development and refinement of a Mass Timber Building Culture.