Sensors on a CLT panel during a structural test.

Since 2016 the TallWood Design Institute has funded eighteen research projects to enhance understanding of wood in the built environment. We do this through a competitive call for proposals process funded by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) involving an invited team of reviewers that has included architects, structural engineers, wood products manufacturers, developers, building code officials, economists, environmental specialists and research scientists.  Projects are selected based on their ability to deliver actionable results to industry  to address current challenges and potential opportunities in the wood construction sector.

Our latest call, held in October 2017, included special emphasis on three areas: (1) durability of mass timber with regard to moisture; (2) technical innovations for mass timber production that address environmental concerns (adhesives, eco-friendly wood protection measures, etc.), and; (3) development of modular “kit of parts” solutions utilizing mass timber and other components for applications such as rapid deployment disaster-relief/military structures, and affordable housing.  Our strategic research priorities are revisited each year to reflect changes in technologies, products, market conditions and other factors.

The projects listed below are broken into six categories: (1) Fire Performance of Mass Timber; (2) Seismic and Structural Performance; (3) Building Physics and Health; (3) Environment; (4) Business and Economics; (5) Durability and Adhesives.


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