Through collaboration with different funding agencies, including major support from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), TDI oversees an interdisciplinary program of applied research focusing on advanced timber products and building systems. The strategic plan for this research is evolving and is based on partnerships and widespread consultation with stakeholders in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, construction and real estate development.

Projects begin as part of an annual call to affiliated researchers, and must demonstrate that they address real-world challenges and opportunities, while being able to produce positive impacts within two to five years. TDI strongly encourages interdisciplinary collaboration amongst our researchers, holistic approaches to research and the involvement of industry in project design and implementation. Proposed projects are reviewed and ranked by an industry panel consisting of architects, manufacturers, engineers, construction professionals, market specialists and peers in the scientific community. TDI’s research priorities are continuously vetted through interaction with industry, and TDI holds an annual open research round table to inform industry about current work and obtain feedback on key issues that should be addressed in future projects.


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