Oregon State University and the University of Oregon have joined forces to launch the TallWood Design Institute (TDI). TDI unites researchers from top U.S. wood productsengineering and sustainable design programs as one of the nation's first and only interdisciplinary research collaboratives focusing on the advancement of mass timber and structural wood products building solutions. TDI's primary activities, which include a wide range of testingstate-of-the-art timber research, and education, are reinforced by diverse faculty expertise, cutting-edge facilities and dynamic partnerships with manufacturers, designers and other stakeholders.


World-renowned and unparalleled research capability 
spanning wood science, forestry, engineering and architecture

  • Diverse research expertise in areas including fire performance, wood durability, connections, acoustics, market development and modular design.
  • Home to the A.A. “Red” Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory, one of the nation’s largest dedicated structural timber research facilities
  • An advanced manufacturing laboratory with CLT press, CNC machine and robotic equipment for product and process development, testing and teaching.
  • The Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory at University of Oregon, one of the nation’s premier research labs for energy efficiency.
  • Home to the Green Building Materials Laboratory and the Multi-Chamber Modular Environmental Conditioning system, one of only three such weathering chambers in the world.
  • Future home of one of the only certified acoustic testing laboratories in the Western U.S.


Driving product & market development through testing and collaboration

  • Supported the development of the first U.S. APA/ANSI certified structural cross-laminated timber manufacturer (D.R. Johnson Wood Innovations)
  • Supported the development of the world’s first Mass Plywood Panels (Freres Lumber Company)
  • Partnered with the City of Springfield on durability testing for a 214,000 sq. ft. mass timber parking structure
  • Providing technical testing to support pioneering building projects, and working with industry partners to translate research into design guidelines.
  • Through UO’s leadership in building performance, providing guidance on acoustics, energy, durability and air quality.


Providing mass timber education

  • Providing integrated curriculum and hands-on training to help educate a new generation of architects, building officials, engineers and manufacturers
  • on advanced wood products and their applications.
  • Providing workshops and other continuing education and networking opportunities for building professionals and mass timber enthusiasts.
  • Finalizing development of a comprehensive certificate program in mass timber manufacturing.
  • Offering peer-to-peer learning through the Critical Mass (Timber) meetup group’s monthly gatherings and other networking events.